Is your spa under performing ? Few ways sansha can help

09 August 2018 / By Apoorv

Spa Turnaround Management

Is your spa underperforming or distressed and results need to be turned around? Or you need to groom your financials for the sales of your premises? The spa strategy specialists of Sansha are experts in spa Turnaround Management.

First and foremost, we are an innovative and unconventional force of change in the spa and hospitality industry. An experienced firm which does not follow the path of a traditional spa management and consulting company. With a business development DNA and creative strategic approach, we have built up an extensive track record in turning the tide for distressed hotel spa premises . Our proven spa management methodology focuses on increasing your profit and loss statement results and ROI. For each hotel project, we develop a customized strategy plan, repositioning the spa more effectively amongst its competitive market landscape. Our spa management specialists focus on the unique selling points of the property to increase financial performance at all levels of your PNL.

Our team of spa turn-around experts specialize in:

Revenue Management & Yield Strategies
Our experts in spa revenue management and pricing will work on increasing your number of therapies and total revenue. With our best practices in spa yield and distribution we will grow your hotel’s RevPar and service standards.
Pre-Opening Planning
Opening a hotel is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. We have opened dozens of hotels over the last decade, and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategy development, checklists and action plans.
Concept Development
We can support you with your hotel project from the earliest stages. We excel in the development of new hotel concepts, and original ideas, including branding and positioning. If you are looking to become the new hot thing in the hospitality industry, we are all game.
Management can be creative The sansha team
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