Enter the Era of Transformative Wellness

We convert hotels and resorts into spa and wellness destinations with multi-chapter wellness journey including a lifelong physical, mental and spiritual seeking accompanied with a personal and emotional quest


Why Sansha?

Wellness Management

Wellness is our forte… TMG is passionate about changing lives through the management of corporate wellness programs that are one of a kind and deliver real results.

Preventive Healthcare

Establishing a starting line is crucial on the road to wellness… Know your numbers and then use a customized program to target specific risk factors and reduce health-related costs.

Wellness Consulting

Who needs another canned spa management company… Sansha takes the time to learn your culture and provide fresh wellness solutions for your property.

Nutritional Programs

Eat real and live right… Sansha’s on-site nutritional programs teach you how to do both and inspire long-term behavioral change through diets that are customized for the guests need.

Wellness Auditing

We assess your property and its spa/wellness center and give you solutions to increase the bottom line of your revenue and services.…………………

Lifestyle consultation

Seek first to understand, then to be understood… Sansha coaches learn your goals and motivate you along the journey with a detailed action plan specifically tailored for your lifestyle.

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How Sansha and Sevenseas are redefining wellness services.

Sansha possesses the expertise in setting up & operating ultra modern Ayurvedic & International therapies, wellness Spas under one umbrella right from conception to successfully operating & managing the center.



What our partners say about us

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Award winning spa firm
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Cheat sheet for spa phone call etiquette's     Hi, we are writing this spa...

Training AcademyOne of the largest employers of therapists
An unlimited stream of therapists and several backup options for immediate deployment at the spas in case of additional requirement.
Regular workshops for Customer relationship management, sales, and marketing for the hospitality industry
Stay focused on your core business
24 hour staff replacement
Five Star Reviews
Satisfied Staff
Innovative therapy menu
3X profit maximization
6+ Audits per year
22+ Smart reports
Spa care products

receive over 400 original five star reviews / year on booking websites like TripAdvisor, Booking.com etc

A dedicated sales and marketing team creates daily in-house promotions, special packages for events and occasions and up-sells services

by the management team periodically to ensure the standards are aligning with the vision of the spa and its future.
Regular mystery audits

We stock and sell retail products from global skincare spa brands resulting into 20% increase in the total spa revenue.

Training is held in our in-house academy all year round giving us enough room for backup in case of any additional therapist requirement.

52 Unique and exclusive therapies and their ritual. inspired from all around the world.

22+ live reports analysed for superior sales performance. Online appointment booking system enabled.

We invest in 24/7 staff care cell to cater to all their needs and wants. Doing so results in the lowest attrition rate in the industry.


Which therapies are unique to Sansha?

01.  Blueberry Cheesecake Therapy

A virtual countdown to ‘butter’. This tension-taming therapy begins with a softening nut containing vanilla extracts, followed by cheese cream to make your skin supple. It targets your most troubled muscles with ease. The finale of this treatment would be the blueberry gel with olive extracts, which gives your skin instant radiance.

Muscle Fuel Foot Therapy

With a lot of foot yoga in this therapy, no matter how much you drag your feet all day, this therapy will give the right boost to your muscles to go on again the next day with more strength. It alleviates muscle tension, increases circulation of blood and aids metabolism.

02.  Signature Singing Bowl Therapy

The treatment is a combination of Swedish strokes, Chinese pressure points, Thai stretching, and Indian classical therapy techniques together to stimulate circulation, reduce muscle stiffness and enhance muscle tone apart from imparting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.




Mystic Dreams

This full and anti-stress pressure point dry massage on the back-neck-shoulder, hamstring, Achilles tendon and is incorporated by acupressure techniques and Thai stretches.

Extra Virgin Coffee Oil Treatment

Therapy techniques are performed with Coffee oil, which is extracted from hand-selected roasted beans from Antigua in Guatemala, carefully curated to obtain the maximum aroma. Coffee oil is highly beneficial in enhancing mood, energizing and combating nausea.

+50 More Unique Therapies
Sansha has delivered spa management to more than 70 Five-Star and heritage properties including ITC, Radisson Group, Jaypee Group, ITC Welcom making it one of the most prestigious wellness brands of India alive today.

We are backed by

Uniform design partner
Product partner
La Ric
IT Partner
Tata consultancy Services
15+ Wellness
100+ Qualified
48 Spa
41 Spa

“Creating a Spa is just not about ambiance, treatments, idea or Vision but also our team’s soul efforts, positive energy, the power of wellbeing and a holistic approach which makes the complete experience heavenly”

Sangeeta sharma - Managing Director



Our client gets immediate credibility from affiliation from the Sansha spa brand.
Conceptualization of state of the art spa & Wellness club.
Service of spa architect & design department on need basis
Dedicated spa wings like Asian, Mediterranean, European & mainly Ayurvedic.
Customized Yoga (Power yoga, Ash tang yoga etc)& meditation sessions
Professionally qualified and certified staff from renowned institutes.
Experienced staff with various Sansha spa’s
Sansha brand Health food ,tea blends, Ayurvedic oils, skin& hair care products.